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Krypton Security has been operating in, South Africa since 2005.  Our objective is to provide security and power solutions to Africa.  This mission is driven by a personal respect for people’s own property and domains.  The managing director of Krypton Security has over 18 years’ experience in providing security solutions to homes and businesses throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom.  The selection of products that Krypton Security installs/supplies to provide security solutions is one of the most important aspects of our business. 

We have extensively researched the market in Cape Town and have matched the needs and benefits of the province with the features and capabilities of the products we provide.   To complement our early warning systems, we also recommend that our customers take advantage of the latest self-defense technology. 

When customers are away from their homes or businesses we advise, supply, and install internal and external early warning intruder alarms and CCTV systems. With regards to CCTV and alarms, we have supplied and installed quality equipment at over 1000 business and home sites to date.

We recommend the latest wireless technology due to the speed in which customers need to have a completely secure environment and to counteract the downsides that wired systems can give such as damage caused by lightning and criminals

When a product is selected we always ask the manufacturer/suppliers to provide full training, in order that we can fully understand the benefits of the product and understand how they can be utilized in an upsell/cross-sell situation as well as assisting us to provide technical backup and support for systems that have been installed. We are constantly searching for new and innovative security solutions to provide to our clients.

New projects are also a specialty of ours, we can design, install, maintain, and implement security solutions for almost any application required.

Power backup and solar solutions are also a large part of what we specialize in.

We supply and install systems from the small 720-watt plug and play inverters to professional 15 000-watt inverter systems

Solar panels can easily be added to allow a complete off-grid solution.

Only tried and tested inverters are supplied and installed.

The range of products that we can supply also includes a very extensive range of PPE protective clothing and accessories including alcohol and drug testing kits

We currently have a very well-trained sales and installation team operating in the Cape Town area

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