KwêBeams is your set of eyes when you’re not looking.

KweBeams is a proudly South African manufactured wireless alarm system and has been developed to withstand challenging South African weather conditions.

It is a standalone wireless outdoor early warning system, completely independent of any existing security system, and has been designed to complement the current security systems in places, such as indoor alarm systems, perimeter protection (electric fencing, burglar bars), and surveillance protection.

All wireless beams feature a unique built-in siren that provides an unexpected element of surprise next to an intruder. The Siren can be programmed to:

  1. a) Long sound (10sec) b) Short sound (2sec)
  2. c) No sound

The Mobile Control Unit notifies you when there is positive detection. It indicates triggered Zones, low battery status per Zone, and also features a panic button, making all Beam sirens go off at the same time.

The KwêBeams Wireless Early Warning system can be used in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural Security solutions. 

Wireless Network Functionality with reliable Two-way wireless communication

Built-in Siren in each beam

Kwebeam Sensor

Mobile Keypad / Control Unit

Gsm Control Unit


• 95dB Siren in all Sensors • One Hop Repeater Functionality • 868Mhz Frequency Band • Eight adjustable Sensitivity Settings • Detection Range: 18m x 90 Degrees Wide • Up to 3 Years Battery Life on Standard AA Alkalines


• Mobile Control Unit with Easy Touch User-Interface • Multiple Control Units can be added to the Same System • Panic triggers all beam sirens simultaneously • Up to 1 Year Battery Life on Standard AA Alkalines


• KweBeam System Control Via SMS • Easy to Use and no Installation Required • Built-in Backup Battery • Isolated Programmable Input • Isolated Alarm & Panic Outputs • 868Mhz Kwebeam Repeater Functionality

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