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Wireless Outdoor Security for your peace of mind...

Welcome to Krypton Security Systems

Wireless outdoor security systems

Are you looking for an easy to install, effective security system? The Kwebeam system is a fully operational outdoor alarm system. You can at any time add additional SMS control units, repeaters, sensors, interface modules, etc. should you need to. No additional installation of another security system, e.g. alarm is required. 

Self Defence

We offer a range of self-defense guns that do not require you to have a license to own... As well as pepper sprays, handheld shockers and Tazer guns. Have a look at our wide variety of products we are offering, you will surely find a suitable fit, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Click below to browse our products.

Power Backup Systems

We have over 10 years of experience in the supply and installation of inverter power backup systems in Mpumalanga. We have found that the best inverter for power backup is the "Pure Sinewave inverter" which provides a smooth current and all appliances will last longer.


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Krypton Security has been operating in, South Africa since 2005.  Our objective is to provide security and power solutions to Africa.  This mission is driven by a personal respect for people’s own property and domains.  The managing director of Krypton Security has over 18 years’ experience in providing security solutions to homes and businesses throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom.  The selection of products that Krypton Security installs/supplies to provide security solutions is one of the most important aspects of our business. 

We have extensively researched the market in Cape Town and have matched the needs and benefits of the province with the features and capabilities of the products we provide.   To complement our early warning systems, we also recommend that our customers take advantage of the latest self-defense technology. 

When customers are away from their homes or businesses we advise, supply, and install internal and external early warning intruder alarms and CCTV systems. With regards to CCTV and alarms, we have supplied and installed quality equipment at over 1000 business and home sites to date.

Mark Beresford – Krypton Security Systems – 073 207 2992


wireless outdoor beams

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